Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024: Galaxy Ring announced with Galaxy AI, unmatched battery

Galaxy Ring will be equipped with three new sensors for Sleep Tracking, Physical Activities, Heart Rate
An undated image of the Galaxy Ring. — Samsung
An undated image of the Galaxy Ring. — Samsung

After occupying the sphere of compact wearables, the Galaxy Ring has been announced at the Galaxy Unpacked 2024, Samsung's annual tech exhibition where it boasts updated variants of its existing flagship products and AI-powered services like Galaxy AI. 

As per the official announcement, the Galaxy Ring will be equipped with three new sensors. Gadinsider has jotted them below with what they're designed and docked on the Galaxy Ring. 

Galaxy Ring price

With a wealth of technology packed into its compact form, the Galaxy Ring is offered at a mediocre $399 price tag. It aims to set a new standard in health monitoring. It promises to deliver impressive functionality and stands ready to compete with rivals like the Oura Ring. 

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Samsung Galaxy Ring features

Backed by the product of the company's recent foray into the artificial intelligence (AI) realm, Galaxy AI, the Galaxy Ring is claimed to be the pinnacle of health tracking functionalities ever found on a wearable adorned on a finger.

As far as the design is concerned, all the earlier rumours and claims made by prolific tipsters have been verified, as the Galaxy Ring will be a Titanium-based sleek and lightweight wearableand.

With its Titanium build, it will also be able to withstand multiple and extreme temperatures and unfavourable weather conditions, like above-ordinary humidity levels of the air.

What adds to its bearable appeal is that the Galaxy Ring will offer a seven-day battery backup on a single charge, a backup which is scarcely seen even on top-notch wearables on the market from companies like Apple. 

Galaxy Ring sensors

The three sensors on the Galaxy Ring will cater to the following three aspects of health-related monitoring. 

  1. Sleep Tracking 
  2. Physical Activities
  3. Hearth Rate