Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: Here's how durable, waterproof it is

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 comes with an IP48 rating to stand tall against dust ingress
An undated image of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. — Samsung Community
An undated image of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. — Samsung Community

Every product entry introduced at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, held yesterday in Paris, has singlehandedly battled and scolded its competition with the help of top-notch properties it accompanied under and over the hood.

Much the same is the case of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Samsung's ultimate foldable phone launched alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

While enthusiasts seem eager to get their hands on the multifaceted nitty-gritty of this game-changing foldable smartphone, some also appear keen to learn about the unparalleled water resistance and durability endorsed as an inherent trait by the company.

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Galaxy Z Fold6 with IP48 rating can withstand full immersion

In case you too have been wondering and anticipating the Galaxy Z Fold 6 without waterproofing, cherish this moment as we're pleased to inform you that the foldable does come with water resistance. 

If waterproofing is set aside, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 has arrived with all the enhancing changes we heard from tipsters and insiders with extensive and knowledgeable sources. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 comes with an IP48 rating, meaning that the phone stands tall against dust ingress and objects bigger than 1mm, with its capability to bear long-term immersion up to almost 1 meter and specific pressure is not negligible. 

This great measure of resilience shows that the Fold 6 doesn’t only do away with water droplets and physical damage, but it is designed to survive a much bigger form of immersion. 

Since IP water and dust resistance are used interchangeably with waterproofing, let us clarify that IP stands for Ingress Protection (IP), which is usually accompanied by some numbers to refer to dust and water resistance, respectively. 

In the case of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, we have a dust protection rating of 4, which shows that the Z Fold 6 can seamlessly handle a certain amount of dust ingress, which Samsung has overseen by introducing brushes to the hinges.