Samsung Message keeps crashing for THIS reason

Some users claim that Samsung Messages is crashing while opening chats
An undated image of a person texting. — Pexels
An undated image of a person texting. — Pexels

In a depressing series of events, Samsung Messaging app has reportedly been malfunctioning for almost a day now. 

Samsung Messages closing

With some claiming about a comprehensively blocked access to the app and others about a breakdown while opening chats, users across the globe are reporting that the Samsung Messages app is crashing. 

Samsung Messages app keeps crashing: Here's the fix

The issue is also being attributed to the recently rolled out latest update of the Google Meet, something which Samsung itself has reported its users about. 

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Samsung's active take on the Google Meet update in the midst of the Samsung Messages being non-functional indicates that there must be a connection between the two. 

How to fix Samsung Messages app

That being the case, users are being advised to either uninstall Google Meet from their devices or to update it to the latest version. If you too among those facing issues with Samsung Messages, head to the Google Play Store to update Google Meet and get your Samsung Messages app fixed. 

There's no official word pertaining to the disruption being triggered by the unidentified link between Samsung Messages and Google Meet's latest version.