Samsung allows Tizen trade ins for $100 credit for THESE Galaxy Watch models

Recently launched Galaxy Watch 6 works well with One UI
An undated image of Samsung Watch. — Samsung
An undated image of Samsung Watch. — Samsung

Samsung has recently revealed its plan for the discontinuation of Tizen support for all the Galaxy smartwatches on a global website, which signs towards the upgrade. But, right now, Samsung has also offered $100 in trade-in credit only for the Tizen Galaxy Watch.

The fall of Tizen signs that Samsung wouldn't support any watch older than the Galaxy Watch 3. So, if you were expecting any Tizen-based app on the Galaxy Store, then you must stop expecting it because there is no chance left, as Samsung has signed towards its shutdown.

The recently launched model of the Galaxy Watch is the Galaxy Watch 6, which works on One UI Watch based on Wear OS, which works exceptionally well, especially for Samsung OS, and it's entirely different from the Galaxy Watch 3.

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The Galaxy 6 is an expensive watch that is available for $300, so if any of its users are looking to upgrade it, they will surely be hyped to know that Samsung is right now providing trade-ins for a few Galaxy watches, including previous Tizen-based units.

All these Tizen-supported devices would provide you with $5 in credit, save for Watch 3, and avail of a $95 bonus on an old device. Also, if the device is available in good condition, then it would be $100 off the Galaxy Watch 6.

If you want to upgrade to a Wear OS Galaxy Watch, then this is substantially the best time to get the benefits of these boosted trade-ins, which means that a previous watch would be able to get credits on the basis of its features and performance.