Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Bot Combo: Taking on the robot vacuum landscape

Its steam cleaning function cleans dried and bumpy stains on hard floors whenever it comes across them
An undated image shows Samsungs JetBot AI+. — Samsungnewsroom
An undated image shows Samsung's JetBot AI+. — Samsungnewsroom

The Korean electronics giant Samsung is once again going to reign in the realm of high-end robot vacuums with the release of its Bespoke Jet Bot Combo. The bot vacuum is an updated version of Jet Bot which Samsung last revamped in 2021.

Although the company hasn’t announced said anything about the release date or the price of the vacuum, it will be exhibited at CES 2024, set to emerge as the first machine from Samsung which is a fusion of both a vacuum and a mop.

A press release issued by the company says that the robot is “currently in development,” and its features are subject to change, hinting that the features and functionalities of the machine haven’t been confirmed. Fortunately, the press release gives us an idea of what this class-leading robot vacuum looks like and is capable of, The Verge reported.

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Bespoke Jet Bot Combo design

This bot vacuum has a circular mop with a charging base called the Clean Station which automatically empties itself after cleaning, dislodging the trash and refilling its water tank while washing and drying its two spinning mop pads.

How Bespoke Jet Bot Combo functions

This steam cleaning function is a rare occurrence in an autonomous vacuum cleaner, which also cleans the dried and bumpy stains on hard floors whenever it comes across them.

Using AI technology to survey your home, when it finds a stain, it automatically heats the mop pads with high-temperature steam and water from the clean station and then goes to clean it, as per the press release. The vacuum’s obstacle-dodging system gives it the ability to differentiate between household objects and useless trash and litter.

Besides its 3D sensors ensuring “more precise driving,” the vacuum with the help of its AI Floor feature distinguishes impressively between carpet and hard surfaces of various types, and decides itself whether the mop pads need to be positioned over the carpet or not.

With no official word at hand about the key specs such as runtime, battery, brush type, bin, and water tank capacity, the functionalities boasted by Samsung might certainly change when the bot vacuum will release.