Samsung's Galaxy Buds 3 is expected to introduce AirPods-like design

Samsung to launch stemmed earbuds with integration of AI features
An undated image of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. — Freepik
An undated image of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. — Freepik

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have recently carved a warm niche in the wireless earbud market because of their audio quality along with the combination with Samsung’s ecosystem. But if you have faced any challenge in ear fit of bulkier stemless designs. So, it’s substantially the best for smaller ears. Still, an exceptional design change is expected to be launched soon.

But, according to the reports by The Chosun, Samsung is set to release Galaxy Bud 3, which will be the first appropriate redesign for Samsung’s earbuds after the release of the 2019 series. Following the previous model of earbuds, users are expecting a more enhanced model of the upcoming earbuds with pro and standard model features.

Case for stemmed earbuds

Samsung is likely to address the issues concerning the call quality by integrating a similar stem like Apple’s AirPods and OnePlus Buds Pro 2. While, the recent stemless design of earbuds have placed the microphone further from mouth, possibly impacting the clarity of mic so the expected change would assist in improving the noise-cancelling feature, which will certainly be a perfect choice for plenty of users.

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This stem would significantly impact the quality of audio and enhance the calling experience, allowing you for a thinner earbud and compensates for the lack of recent models.

Moreover, reports suggested that except the integration of stem Samsung is soon to add Galaxy AI features as well making it an outstanding fit for all the users.

When is Galaxy Buds 3 expected to be launched?

Samsung had previously unveiled the Galaxy buds at its smartphone launch event so Galaxy Buds 3 were also expected to be launched at Galaxy S24 launch event in the start of 2024 but they weren’t launched. So, now Samsung’s major event is expected to take place in July and everyone is hopeful for the launch of at least one variant of Galaxy Buds 3.