Shift Robotics revamps Moonwalker X, makes one pound lighter

Moonwalker X initially had a weight of four pounds per shoe, which becomes three with this upgraded version
The image shows Shift Robotics Moonwalker X shoe. — Shiftrobotics
The image shows Shift Robotics' Moonwalker X shoe. — Shiftrobotics

At the upcoming CES event, Shift Robotics, based in Austin, will unveil an enhanced edition of their popular robotic footwear, the Moonwalker X in collaboration with another firm that deals in robotics. This updated version is one pound lighter per shoe and incorporates significant improvements to its control system.

Xunjie Zhang, the founder and the CEO of the company, said an official press release, “In developing X, our focus was clear: enhancing productivity without compromising safety. By collaborating closely with our 3PL partners, we’ve tuned Moonwalkers X to meet the rigours of warehouse environments with an unwavering commitment to worker safety.”

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Moonwalker X's comparison with its predecessor

The initial shoes had a weight of four pounds per shoe, which becomes three with this upgraded version. Additionally, there was a noticeable learning curve, and it appears that the company has addressed this issue in the upcoming release of the new shoe models.

Additionally, the revamped pair of shoes will now be offered in smaller sizes. The initial Moonwalkers gained widespread attention on Kickstarter in October 2022, with videos showcasing users effortlessly gliding on sidewalks, ultimately driving the campaign to achieve $329,000 in funding.

When is Moonwalker X coming out?

While the exact timing and pricing details are yet to be disclosed, the shoes will be available for purchase soon. The original shoes were relatively expensive at $1,400, a cost likely influenced by substantial research and development expenses typical for first-generation hardware.