Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge might be powered by Snapdragon X Elite: Rumour

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro likely to be in 16-inch dimension with Snapdragon X Elite X1P-84-100 processor
An undated image of Samsung Galaxy Book4 360. — Samsung
An undated image of Samsung Galaxy Book4 360. — Samsung 

Samsung, a South Korean tech giant, is expected to announce the Galaxy Book4 Edge series shortly, perhaps along with the Snapdragon X Elite CPU. 

Two new laptops will be introduced: the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge and the Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro. These gadgets will have display sizes ranging from 14 to 16 inches. In addition, Samsung looks to be quite courageous in offering great performance in its next laptops. 

According to a news report, Samsung will release a model with the Snapdragon X Elite CPU and 12 performance cores. ARM chipsets often prioritise energy economy, particularly in laptops, and generally use a hybrid core design. The Galaxy Book4 Edge had previously tested on Geekbench, scoring similarly to Apple's M series CPUs.

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Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge & Book4 Edge Pro

The Galaxy Book4 Edge will be available in three distinct configurations. Two of these versions will be powered by the Snapdragon X Elite X1P-80-100 variant, which has 12 cores. These devices will have at least 16 gigabytes of RAM. 

In addition. the Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro will only be offered in the 16-inch dimension. It will be equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite X1P-84-100 processor and 16 GB of RAM. 

However, it’s unclear whether there will be other RAM choices. The 14-inch model will have HDMI, a 3.5mm headphone socket, and two USB-C connections, while the 16-inch variant will have an extra USB-A port and a microSD card slot. 

All of the laptops in the series will have a 3K screen resolution and a brightness of 400 cd (candela). Moreover, these laptops would not be reasonably priced, with an expected price of roughly EUR 1800.