Sony Honda’s electric car 'Afeela' set to arrive in 2026 with advanced features

You can now play Gran Turismo on the Afeela’s screen with wireless connectivity from an adjacent PS5 without console
An undated image of Afeela. — AFEELA
An undated image of Afeela. — AFEELA

Sony is reportedly gearing up to introduce an electric car in collaboration with Honda, expected to arrive in 2026. The prototype, named Afeela, integrates cutting-edge sensing technology, expanding mobility possibilities and offering an intriguing experience for enthusiasts, including the ability to enjoy Gran Turismo, a popular video game.

Although Sony will not allow the public to drive the car just yet, Sony Honda Mobility has announced plans to provide journalists with the opportunity to test drive the vehicle in line with the development schedule. Test drives are anticipated to commence in 2026, or possibly earlier.

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New features and innovations

Sony has introduced a physical button underneath the window of the Afeela prototype, which recognises the individual and allows access to the vehicle. Previously, the prototype could be accessed via a button operated through Afeela’s smartphone app or a camera that would open the door for the user.

Gaming integration

Currently, Gran Turismo can be played on the Afeela’s screen via wireless connectivity from an adjacent PS5 using Sony’s PS Remote Play app. However, there is no PS5 console available inside the car, and the company does not seem to have plans to change this in the near future.

Enhanced privacy features

A notable feature of the Afeela prototype is its broad screen, although the car has removed the ability for the driver to view the entire passenger screen while in motion. Instead, it is likely to use a special privacy filter, allowing the passenger to continue watching without distracting the driver.

Future prospects

As the development of the Afeela prototype progresses, Sony Honda Mobility is committed to refining its features and providing an advanced, user-friendly experience. The collaboration aims to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and redefine in-car entertainment and connectivity.