SpaceX, Axiom's first joint manned mission 95% good to launch, weather observer

45th Weather Squadron says likelihood of successful launch are above 95% but liftoff winds are primary concern
A representational image displaying a rocket launch. — Unsplash
A representational image displaying a rocket launch. — Unsplash

SpaceX and Axiom Space are in the last stages of getting ready for their third private crewed mission departing from the Kennedy Space Center to the International Space Station. 

The Axiom 3 mission is scheduled for Wednesday and is the first manned launch from the US to the ISS since SpaceX's Crew-7 mission in August 2023.

Axiom Space's upcoming mission, its third to the ISS after previous launches in April 2022 and May 2023, is also the first all-European private astronaut mission to reach orbit. With the majority of preparations completed, the current focus is on monitoring the weather conditions along the Space Coast, as reported by Digital Trends.

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According to the latest prediction by the 45th Weather Squadron, a unit offering thorough evaluations for US air and space activities, the likelihood of a successful launch exceeds 95%, with liftoff winds being the primary concern, as reported by Florida Today.

Additional forecasts indicate that the launch site will experience partly cloudy conditions on Wednesday, with less than 10% chance of rain.

On the mission, the Axiom 3 crew will conduct over 30 scientific experiments and engage in over 50 outreach events with individuals on Earth.

When will Axiom 3 crewed mission launch?

The current launch target is 5:11 p.m. ET (2:11 p.m. PT) on Wednesday, January 17.