Spotify introduces podcast comments for enhanced listener engagement

Creators will be able to like, reply to comments, get alerts when new comments are added
An undated image of Spotify logo. — Unsplash
An undated image of Spotify logo. — Unsplash

Spotify, a digital music service, is set to release the capability to leave comments on podcasts. Spotify allows podcasters to poll and Q&As, so this new feature could provide creators with new methods to interact with their audiences. 

However, comments are set to be private by default (similar to Q&A responses), so creators will have to ratify each comment they want to display. Creators can select to have comments available for their whole show or just for particular episodes, while if they don’t need to let comments at all, they can opt out of the feature. 

Spotify’s VP of podcast product Maya Prohovnik said that creators can handle comments on the Spotify for Podcasters web app as part of a revamped Spotify for Podcasters mobile app unveiled in a phased rollout over the next few days. 

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Additionally, comments for podcast listeners are said to become available as part of a phased rollout in most Spotify markets, Prohovnik says. 

In addition, creators will be able to like and reply to comments, get alerts when new comments are added or milestones are achieved and will be able to access other insights and analytics about their audience through the Spotify for Podcasters app. 

Prohovnik said, “We want to work with creators and iterate based on their feedback, but [Spotify is] trying to over-index on creative control, and making sure the creators can choose what shows up alongside their content”. 

Creators can block commenters, and the company will check for comments whether they violate the policies or not.