Starfield expansion updates: Coming soon!

Developers hinted that Starfield is going to get some really cool updates soon
An undated in-game image of Starfield. –  Bethesda
An undated in-game image of Starfield. –  Bethesda

Starfield, an action role-playing game, is making rounds on social media after its developers announced plans to roll out new updates soon. The game was released last year after the success of the Fallout TV show in 2023.

Bethesda, the team behind Starfield, announced its expansion, which might include new gear, a new story, upgraded locations, survival mechanisms, and much more.

During a recent interview, director Todd Howard mentioned that the developers are working on the game’s expansion, Shattered Space, hinting that Starfield is going to get some really good updates soon.

Since its release, most of the changes made to the game have been the revised graphics, presentation, and bug fixes. Additionally, the trend set by the previous games The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 regarding the features of city maps, new travel ways, and ship-building options might take a twist, in the upcoming future updates that may consist of the customisation settings for ship damage and carry the capacity to bring out more potential in the game.

The developers also intend to implement the official mod supports and quality-of-life as new mechanisms throughout the update.

Earlier in March, the players got overwhelmed when the developers added an unknown app DLC on the Steam page of Starfield that indicated that the long-awaited expansion might get released. According to The Gamer, community feedback regarding the recent news has highlighted the importance of both bug fixes and new content updates.