Starlink global plan to get doubled

Starlink appears to be keeping "Mobile - Regional" roaming plan at £150 per month
An undated image of Starlinks internet plans. — SpaceX
An undated image of Starlink's internet plans. — SpaceX

SpaceX, the Elon Musk-owned space exploration enterprise, has jacked up the price of its global roaming plan, which grants users the access to its satellite internet anywhere in the world.

Starlink price increase

This came to light on Thursday night when many users of the Starlink "Mobile - Global" plan received an email from SpaceX, the parent company, conveying company's intention of a price hike.

As of now, before the price hike comes into effect, the global roaming plan can be bought for $200 per month, however, the cost will be surged to $400 after the price increase gets implemented. This indicates that the company is doubling the price for the "Mobile - Global" subscription plan. 

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The email stated that the price increase will come into effect on August 16 for the existing customer whereas "for new customers, the price increase is effective immediately."

In contrast to the price hikes contained in the company's official email, an Australian user reported that SpaceX is increasing the price from $300 Australian dollars to $670, which was claimed by another customer in Zambia.

But the global roaming plan can act as a loophole for subscribers to access Starlink in regions where the satellite internet service is not officially available.

The company has been cracking down on that practice in several African countries, where Starlink is still awaiting regulatory approval. In an email last month, SpaceX told affected subscribers in Africa that "the 'Mobile - Regional' plans are intended for temporary travel and transit, not for permanent use in a location."

The company appears to be keeping the "Mobile - Regional" roaming plan at £150 per month.

Starlink plans

See the table below as it contains all the Starlink internet plans.

PlanPrice Equipment feeDownload Speed
Starlink Standard
Starlink Priority
Starlink Mobile
Starlink Mobile Priority