Summer Game Fest 2024 major announcements

Summer Game Fest 2024 display revelations include Lego Horizon Adventures and Among US
A representational image. — Steam/Canva
A representational image. — Steam/Canva

After a month full of teasers and rumours, the most hyped showcase — Summer Game Fest 2024 is finally here, kicking off the weekend, along with so many awaited announcements.

The main keynote took place on June 7 and displayed big revelations, including Lego Horizon Adventures, Among US animated series, and Civilisation 7. The most exciting news that came out was that Riot’s shooter Valorant is finally coming to Xbox and PlayStation, followed by several showcases, including indie-focused events, for Xbox and Ubisoft.

This year, the show was no different, with several updates and reveals regarding games that should appeal to a wide variety of players. Some of the major announcements that will take place will include the following games.

Lego Horizon Adventures

The most-awaited Lego Horizon Adventures game kicked off Summer Game Fest 2024 and reveals customisation options for the players to avail of when Lego Horizon Adventures comes to PC via Steam or the Epic Games Store, Nintendo, Switch, and PS5.

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Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

After the release of Hogwarts Legacy last year, players can finally look forward to the upcoming Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions that is going to be launched for PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on September 3, 2024.

No More Room in Hell 2

No More Room in Hell 2, a first-person shooter zombie game, will initially release its early access this Halloween. The game’s trailer revealed brutal combat and gruesome enemies that will stop at nothing to take you down. It also highlighted dismemberment mechanics and a variety of weapons.

Star Wars Outlaws

Ubisoft’s Star Wars game wrapped up Summer Game Fest 2024 with a trailer featuring locations old and new as protagonist Kay Vess made her way through and around the Empire. The Star Wars Outlaws is expected to be released on August 30.

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Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball franchise will continue to deliver frenetic Super Sayain gameplay and is expected to launch for PC via Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X on October 11, 2024.

Batman: Arkham Shadow

The trailer for the VR spinoff game arrived during Summer Game Fest, revealing a cinematic look at Bruce Wayne setting up the Rat King as its main villain, also packs in a few Easter eggs for those looking for nods to the rest of Gotham’s criminals.

Street Fighter 6

The upcoming season of Street Fighter promises classic fighting gameplay, as the new roster includes a crossover with Fatal Fury that will see fighters Terry and Mai joining the battle.

Blumhouse Games

Blumhouse Studios, with just one video game project, has announced a variety of horror games from teams like Eyes Out, Half Mermaid, Cosy Game Pals, Perfect Garbage, PlayMe Studio, and Vermila.

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Power Rangers — Pita Rewind

Power Rangers: Pita Rewind, an old-school-style video game, offers players the chance to team up to fight off Putties and other iconic villains while playing as the original Rangers themselves.


MECHA Break, during the Summer Game Fest 2024, showcased a new trailer that will let players join in on the action this August.

First Descendant

First Descendant, sci-fi shooter gameplay is set to be released on July 2, 2024, for PC via Stem, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S.

Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC

Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake took the stage at Summer Game Fest 2024 to showcase the trailer for the upcoming game and announce that the first Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC will be out today, June 8th.


During the Summer Game Fest 2024, League of Legends developer Riot Games is releasing Valorant, a fantasy shooter’s beta version on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The release is set to take place on June 14.

Among US

The first look of the animated series Among Us was showcased at the Summer Game Fest 2024, revealing its art style and how its star-studded cast fits in.

Dune: Awakening

Dune: Awakening showcased its cinematic trailer to show players a closer look at its take on the rule of Paul Atreides. It will reappear at Gamescom this August and is expected to eventually launch for PC via Steam, PS5, and Xbox One S.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2, a mediaeval sequel, swaps between bloody battles and comedy as it shows off some of the different encounters players may find themselves in. There’s no release date yet, but the project is at least still expected to arrive on PC, PS5, and Xbox One S later this year.

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Keiichiro Toyama, creator of Silent Hill, announced Slitterhead at Summer Game Fest. The game, launching November 8, 2024, combines action with horror elements, allowing players to switch between human and animal forms to progress through the nightmare world.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops

Delta Force: Hawk Ops showcased its tactical first-person shooter gameplay at Summer Game Fest 2024. The new trailer highlights cooperative mission play across various locations. Plus, a PC alpha test is coming next month, ahead of the game's release on additional platforms.

Killer Bean

Killer Bean, a humorous action game, was announced during the Summer Game Fest 2024 The trailer reveals a wild sandbox experience with surprising features: drive cars and jet skis, breakdance through bullets, switch perspectives, and more.


Wanderstop, a new farming sim game, was revealed at Summer Game Fest. It looks peaceful, but it may have secrets beneath the surface. Wanderstop will be coming to PC and PS5 later this year.

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New World: Aeternum

Amazon's New World: Aeternum launches on October 15, 2024, with new features like a PvP arena, solo trials, and cross-play support for a unified adventure across platforms.


Palworld is getting a big update on June 27. The Sakurajima Update adds new pals, a new raid, a new island, and a higher-level cap. Xbox players will also get dedicated servers, making the game even better.

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, is announced to be launched for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The release date is July 19, 2024.

Phantom Blade Zero

Summer Game Fest came to an end with a brand-new trailer for developer S-Game’s Phantom Blade Zero, delivering a good look at some of the project’s action and the weapons players can use.