Sunbird expands iMessage for Android app for $1.99 per month

Queued up on waiting list, 171,000 users are going to get invites to begin using Sunbird app in beta form
An undated image displaying Sunbird apps logo. — Sunbird
An undated image displaying Sunbird app's logo. — Sunbird

After having dragged into a controversy last year regarding its privacy policies, Sunbird revived its discontinued iMessage in April this year and recaptured the user base it lost in the face of unfavourable circumstances. 

Luckily, Sunbird, a seemingly Apple rival, has reintroduced its iPhone-like iMessage service for Android users, but there's a catch: users will have to bear the cost of making use of an iPhone-like facility. 

Queued up on the waiting list, 171,000 users are going to get invites to begin using the app in the beta form, stated an official press release issued by the company last week. 

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With iMessage being the sole functionality and the expected reintegration of RCS via Google Messages, the company says that these invites are expected to be sent “in phases” starting this month.

Although not a considerable number of users gained access to the beta version of the app after Sunbird's official announcement, two Reddit users claim to have received the aforementioned invites for the new beta version of the app in an email.

One of the users also mentioned the email stated that the cost of monthly subscription fee would be $1.99, indicating a massive change which might even prove discouraging to some users, since the service has, to date, been used to its depth free of cost.

"Sunbird offers a fully featured 7-day free trial and a monthly subscription of $1.99 thereafter," 9to5Google quoted the email as stating after receiving a copy of the email that mentioned the cost.

“New Apple IDs may have a brief 30-60 minute warming up period,” the email elaborated and added that “all playable audio formats cause the app to crash,” and that “outgoing attachments may be duplicated on the receiver’s end sporadically” besides a handful of other errors.