Super Mario 64 DS online: Here's how to play

Process to play Super Mario 64 DS online requires emulators and online multiplayer features
An undated image displaying Super Mario DS preview. — Nintendo
An undated image displaying Super Mario DS' preview. — Nintendo

The Super Mario 64 has risen to skyrocketing popularity during the past couple of years, due to its consistently widening user base, improvements in the game as well as the addition of new challenges with increased difficulty. 

If you too are a Super Mario nerd who's desperately willing to be instructed on how to play the Super Mario 64 DS online, then brace to embrace what you're seeking, as Gadinsider is here with concise and helpful guide on how you can do so using an emulator. 

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For being the very fundamental requirements, the process requires emulators and online multiplayer features. Follow the step-by-step guide we've provided below: 

How to play Super Mario 64 DS online

Download an Emulator

  • Choose a Nintendo DS emulator that supports online play, such as DeSmuME or MelonDS.
  • Download and install the emulator from a trusted source.

Obtain the Game ROM

  • Acquire a legal copy of the Super Mario 64 DS ROM. Ensure you own the original game to stay within legal boundaries.
  • Load the ROM into the emulator.

Configure the Emulator for Online Play

  • Open the emulator and load the Super Mario 64 DS ROM.
  • Navigate to the emulator’s settings and configure the Wi-Fi settings. This often involves setting up a network adapter and ensuring your computer's firewall allows the emulator to connect online.

Set Up Network Play

  • Some emulators like MelonDS require BIOS and firmware files from a Nintendo DS to enable Wi-Fi capabilities. Follow the emulator’s instructions to set this up.
  • Connect to an online server if available. Some emulators have specific servers or use a direct IP connection for multiplayer gaming.

Find Other Players

  • Join online communities or forums dedicated to Nintendo DS multiplayer gaming to find other players.
  • Coordinate with friends or other gamers to play together.

Super Mario 64 cheat codes: How to apply 

  • Open the Emulator
  • Start your Nintendo 64 emulator (such as Project64 or 1964)
  • Load the Super Mario 64 ROM
  • Open the cheat menu in the emulator (often found in the toolbar or under options).
  • Enter the desired cheat codes into the emulator’s cheat interface.
  • Activate the cheats.
  • Using a Cheat Device (GameShark/Action Replay):
  • Attach the GameShark or Action Replay to your Nintendo 64.
  • Turn on the console and enter the cheat codes into the device’s menu.
  • Once the codes are entered, start Super Mario 64 with the cheat device still attached.