Super Mario RPG: Best armour and weapons and where to find them

Super Mario RPG isn't just about playing through levels — it is about mastering the art of gearing up your characters
The image shows Mario from Super Mario RPG. — Nintendo
The image shows Mario from Super Mario RPG. — Nintendo

Super Mario RPG isn't just another run-of-the-mill game. It is a captivating adventure that demands strategy, skill, and a keen eye for the best gear. In this journey through the Mushroom Kingdom, your characters' success hinges on the weapons and armour they wield.

Importance of weapons in Super Mario RPG

In any role-playing game, the equipment you equip your characters with can tip the scales in your favour. Super Mario RPG is no different. The weapons and armour you secure for Mario and his companions aren't just accessories — they are the linchpins of your party's success. With offensive capabilities, defensive prowess, and unique abilities, the right gear can transform your team into an unstoppable force.

Mario's arsenal

As the game's main protagonist, Mario's gear is essential. The Ultra Hammer, hidden within the Factory just before a major boss fight, serves as a game-changer. Pair this with the Hero Shirt, a protective garment purchasable from Croco after vanquishing Magikoopa, and Mario becomes a formidable force on the battlefield.

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Princess Peach's tools

Peach, renowned for her healing and support abilities, benefits from the Frying Pan, cleverly disguised as a "Metal Plate" and available for purchase after certain story milestones. The Royal Dress, acquired from Croco, fortifies her defences, allowing her to keep the party in top shape during battles.

Bowser's strength

Bowser's might is further amplified with the Drill Claw, tucked away behind the numbered doors within Bowser's Keep. Pair this with the Heal Shell from Croco's inventory, and Bowser becomes an unyielding force to reckon with, both offensively and defensively.

Mallow's versatility

Mallow, with his area-of-effect potential, thrives with the Sonic Cymbal, obtained from an action course within Bowser's Keep. Strengthen his resilience by equipping the Prince Pants, also available from Croco's stash.

Geno's prowess

Geno, the powerhouse of the group, harnesses the immense power of the Star Gun, discovered within Bowser's Keep. Enhance his survivability with the Star Cape, ensuring his dominance in battles.

Super Mario RPG isn't just about playing through levels. It is about mastering the art of gearing up your characters.