Supercharge your productivity with these apps in the New Year

These apps assist in tasks ranging from time management to self-development to helping you make good habits
The image shows apps on a smartphone screen. — Unsplash
The image shows apps on a smartphone screen. — Unsplash

Similar to any other technology, software applications can rev up and make efficient the way we look after our everyday chores, particularly those that deal with something digital.

Ranging from time management to self-development to helping you make good habits, the apps we’ve chosen for the list cater to a variety of needs.

Most certainly, each app on the list is exclusively beneficial in so many ways for those with Apple devices, offering an abundance of tailored functionalities to meet the diverse needs willing to make the most out of the New Year.

Best productivity apps for 2024

Here’s the list of those apps.

  1. Things 3
  2. Obsidian
  3. Streaks
  4. Fantastical

Things 3

Things 3 is one of the most popular task managers, a paid app designed specifically for Apple devices. It has a more powerful set of features compared to Apple’s default Reminders app. What makes Things 3 stand out from the rest is its easy-to-use interface, and amazing features such as project planning, time limits, Markdown support and more. These features add more structure to your personal and professional tasks in the new year.

Pricing: $9.99 for iPhone and Apple Watch, $19.99 for iPad, and $49.99 for Mac.


Obsidian outperforms Apple Notes as a free and adaptable note-taking application, thanks to its unique approach to managing personal knowledge and its support for plug-ins. Unlike typical note-taking apps, Obsidian specialises in connecting thoughts and ideas through an intricate network of notes, forming a personal knowledge base that develops and adapts over time.


Streaks is a habit-building application that harnesses the psychological impact of consecutive task completion to aid users in forming and sustaining positive habits. Its distinctiveness lies in emphasizing consistency and gradual advancement, motivating users to cultivate daily routines of their preference for substantial, enduring behavioural transformations—ideal for adhering to challenging New Year's resolutions.

Price: $4.99


Fantastical stands out as a calendar app due to its exceptional functionality and user-friendly design, setting it apart from the standard Calendar app. With features like natural language parsing and a customisable view combining tasks, reminders, and calendar events, it's an ideal choice for those aiming to kick off the new year with improved time management.

It’s a free app to avail the basic feature, however, if you want to unlock its exclusive features, then you might have to buy the Premium subscription.