Suzuki Alto price in Pakistan: Current rates and variants

Price of the Suzuki Alto 2023 in Pakistan ranges from Rs2,331,000 for the base variant VX to Rs3,045,000 for the top-of-the-line VXL AGS variant
An undated image of Suzuki Alto. — Pakwheels
An undated image of Suzuki Alto. — Pakwheels

Suzuki Alto is one of the most used cars in Pakistan for last few years as it gives good fuel mileage and is less costly compared to other cars.

The price of the Suzuki Alto 2023 in Pakistan ranges from Rs2,331,000 for the base variant VX to Rs3,045,000 for the top-of-the-line VXL AGS variant. These prices of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan are ex-factory.

Variants Ex-Factory Price 
Suzuki Alto VX
Suzuki Alto VXR
Suzuki Alto VXR AGS
Suzuki Alto VXL AGS

Suzuki Alto like all other cars has some greats features and other benefits while it also has some downsides:

Good factors

  • Extremely economical
  • Parts are easily available
  • Strong dealership network
  • Quick resale
  • Safety features including ABS and Airbags


  • Feels underpowered, especially on the highway
  • Build quality is sub-standard compared to its JDM Counterpart
  • AC is not present in the VX Variant
  • Production issues
  • Expensive spare parts

Overview of Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto exterior

Suzuki Alto 2023 is small and economical helps it maneuver through urban traffic. The rear lights are integrated into the bumper and the headlights and turn signals are integrated into one unit.

The size of the front grille is small and it is the same on all three models. Colored door mirrors and handles are only offered in the VXL variant. Moreover, retractable mirrors are also only available in the VXL variant.

Suzuki Alto interior

The interior looks good for the cheapest locally produced car in Pakistan. The dashboard is a combination of dark grey and light grey. The speedometer has all the necessary information: fuel average, instant fuel average, distance to end, and fuel indicator.

The automatic gear shift is just next to the steering wheel, at arm’s length. The car has analog climate control, two cupholders in the front and the back, and a console box. Alto VXL has practical features, power windows, retractable mirrors, dual airbags, and electric power steering.

Alto engine

The Alto 2023 comes with a new R06A engine which is more efficient and powerful. The new Alto has a 3-cylinder 660cc engine capable of producing up to 39 and 56 of torque. Moreover, Alto 2023 has a multipoint injection fuel distribution system. The engine is paired with either a 5-speed manual transmission or AGS (Auto Gear Shift).

Alto mileage

Due to a smaller and more efficient engine, the Suzuki Alto 2023 is expected to return high mileage with its fuel tank capacity of 27 litres . This is crucial as the Alto 660cc is being targeted at a class of society that values economical cars. The estimated mileage stands between 18 to 20 Km which is amazing.

Alto maintenance

Alto 2023 is an age-old name in the Pakistani market and is popular for its cheap spare parts. By now, all the mechanics are well aware of the repairing and maintenance techniques of this vehicle. So, the maintenance of Alto 2023 is very convenient.