Suzuki, Honda become most stolen vehicles in Islamabad

Since 2024's start, almost 1,675 bikes, and 254 automobile vehicles have been stolen from Islamabad
An undated image of a Honda car. — Unsplash
An undated image of a Honda car. — Unsplash

Pakistan is over the epitome of inflation and due to increasing financial crises, the country has experienced the worst adverse effects including an exponential increase in criminal cases including snatching which is still rising with each day passing in all the cities.

Since the start of 2024, approximately 1,675 bikes, and 254 cars including other vehicles were snatched or stolen just from Islamabad and according to police reports maximum stolen vehicles were Suzuki Mehran and Honda.

Among the colossal amount of stolen or snatched vehicles, almost 104 were from Suzuki, whereas 71 were from Mehran, 76 were from Toyota, and approximately 22 were luxurious cars from manufacturers like Mercedes. 

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However, according to previous reports, Toyota became the major target of all the thieves and is considered one of the most stolen brands. But, police and higher authorities interrogated this crucial matter and busted these gangs, resulting in the snatching of other brands of vehicles such as Suzuki Mehran, Bolan vans, and more which were later on transported to Kashmir.

For Toyota, police said these vehicles are usually transported to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to higher ground clearance and are suitable for rural areas’ rough roads. While a few of them are also transported to some areas of Punjab.

Honda vehicles, easily traceable because of a forensic lab situated in Lahore, are unwanted in the black market. So after stealing these Honda vehicles, they are resold in the urban areas after changing the engine, number plate and much more. 

Similarly, motorbike thieves also follow the exact way that’s why 1,675 motorcycles have been stolen since the beginning of the year. The ratio of Honda bikes remains on the top with over 1,000 bikes including 642 Honda 125cc, 351 CD-70, nine Honda 100cc, and one Honda 150cc, and more, followed by United motorcycles including Union Star, Hi-Speed, Yamaha, and Suzuki.