T-Mobile's new backup plan will take care of internet outages

T-Mobile is aiming to deal with internet outages with a data burst
An undated image of a T-Mobile outlet. — iStock
An undated image of a T-Mobile outlet. — iStock

A stable internet connection is crucial, especially for the approximately 22 million Americans who work from home exclusively. When the connection is slow, productivity suffers.

Using a mobile hotspot could be a temporary fix, but it wouldn't last long with all the work-consuming data. Going to a nearby cafe is another option, but it's not very convenient. T-Mobile has come up with a potential solution.

T-Mobile has just introduced its Home Internet Backup Service. Subscribers will pay $30 per month and receive 130GB of 5G data, along with a 5G gateway, without any extra fees.

This seems like a reasonable estimate, considering that the average household data usage in the US ranges from 500 GB to 700 GB.

The service was launched on June 6, but it won't be available in all regions. It's limited to areas where the local T-Mobile network is strong. Users of Verizon and AT&T won't be able to connect to the T-Mobile voice line, which is necessary for this service.

In addition to the monthly charge, there will be a one-time installation fee of $35. The monthly fee of $30 will only apply if you set up autopay; otherwise, it will increase to $35.

Despite T-Mobile's offering, there are better deals available that give you more "bang for your buck." T-Mobile's own Home Internet Plan, costing just $10 more, doesn't throttle its data until you reach 12TB.

Qualified AT&T customers can also take advantage of this. Verizon offers a similar plan for the same price, opening up new alternatives.