Tech mistakes that damage your devices: Are you guilty?

Taking care of your devices is key to making the most of your investment
The image shows a person cleaning MacBook. — Freepik
The image shows a person cleaning MacBook. — Freepik

Taking care of your devices is key to making the most of your investment. Regular maintenance is a smart move to avoid hefty repair costs. Check out these five essential checkups.

Ways you're ruining your devices

1. Overcharging your phone

Are you one of those who keeps their phone plugged in constantly? Apple and Android phone manufacturers, like Samsung and Huawei, warn against leaving your phone fully charged for extended periods. The advice is to keep your phone charged but not at full capacity for too long. Make it a habit to unplug your tech once it's fully charged.

2. Waiting too long to charge your laptop

Laptop batteries have a specific number of charge-discharge cycles. Allowing your battery to drain completely affects its lifespan. Aim to keep your laptop battery charged to at least 40% most of the time to maintain its health.

3. Opting for the cheapest option

When your charger or USB cable wears out, resist the urge to grab the cheapest replacements. Inexpensive substitutes might not deliver the necessary voltage for your device, leading to incomplete charges or damaging your battery. Plus, they often lack safety and quality standards, posing risks of shocks and burns.

4. Being careless with your devices

Your phone might be durable, but extreme conditions can spell disaster. Leaving your device in a hot car can cause battery issues or data loss. Similarly, freezing temperatures can impair battery life and cause display problems.

5. Neglecting device hygiene

Maintaining clean devices is crucial. Dust and dirt can harm electronics. Consider keeping essential tools like compressed air, isopropyl alcohol, cleaning wipes, distilled water, and soft lint-free cloths handy for regular cleaning.