Telegram introduces paid content sharing to channels

Telegram is set to use a portal to auction usernames over TON blockchain
An undated image showing Telegram interface. — Unsplash
An undated image showing Telegram interface. — Unsplash

Telegram, an instant messaging service, unveiled a digital currency known as Stars for in-app use last month. Currently, the company is set to extend its use cases to paid content.

Moreover, Telegram allows channels to seclude the stars they have to Toncoin, while users can utilise them to get discounts for channel promotions.

The company first released Stars to pay for digital goods provided by bots and apps within Telegram. Currently, content creators can only upload content users can unlock with starts.

Additionally, the app is letting channel owners withdraw stars and transform them to Toncoin utilising the Fragment platform. If the users have Toncoin, they can trade crypto through different exchanges and transfer money to their bank account. 

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Particularly, Telegram is set to use this portal to auction usernames over the TON blockchain. Instead, channel owners can utilise stars to get discounts on ads through which they can promote their channels.

With its latest upgrade, Telegram also includes a Mini App bar at the bottom to allow users to immediately access the mini app without reloading it. 

In addition, the company has included a few new ways for users to unfold stories. They can presently click on a hashtag to see all public stories with that hashtag in the caption. 

Similarly, users can now include a location tag to their stories and users can see all public stories from the same place by clicking on the tag. Telegram has featured plenty of business-centric specs this year so they can select this platform over something like WhatsApp. 

Previously, the company unveiled features like customised start pages, predefined greeting and away messages, and support for chatbots for businesses.