Telegram ‘mini apps’ skyrocket with web3 games

Telegram experiences a meteoric rise among its ‘mini apps,’ with millions of users joining every day
An undated image of Telegram mini apps. — TON
An undated image of Telegram 'mini apps'. — TON

Telegram is one of the most famous apps with approximately more than 800 million new users on a monthly basis. It has gained immense popularity in recent times and has risen to prominence among its 'Mini apps' with plenty of users. Hamster Kombat is one of the smallest apps that has been popular lately; it's primarily on TikTok and Telegram.

Hamster Kombat is a crypto exchange CEO simulator game, an exhilarating game that offers an outstanding experience by elevating their exchange income by purchasing “Upgrade cards” completing different levels and referring to your friends.

Additionally, Notcoin's inclusion has had some strong impact. People and the market have witnessed how something as basic as a clicker game may evolve into something that can be traded on the exchange." 

Though they are now focused on "Immersing players into this world through gameplay mechanics" and "Educating them about the blockchain world through storytelling and gameplay elements," the game's developers are aware that the game does not currently contain any web3 elements. However, web3/crypto integration is planned for the project.

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However, the company has said that they are recently "in negotiations" with a plenty of notable crypto exchanges related to potential listing of game’s coin, that will enable the users to use the game mechanics easily, so this is the reason behind it’s popularity in both the domains of crypto as well ad web3 games. However, according to Hamster Kombat, it's all because of their exceptional communication abilities.

Crypto projects use Telegram to hold direct user conversations, issue announcements, and talk about significant changes and news. Events, AMA sessions, webinars, and other cryptocurrency-related activities are also held there. Furthermore, the company feels that mini apps are a useful tool for interacting with the cryptocurrency community because of their access to various services such as cryptocurrency wallets, games, exchanges, and other convenient tools, transparency and security of users' interaction, and capacity to run various marketing campaigns that reach users.