Tennis series Top Spin to return with TopSpin 2k25 after 13 years

The announcement comes 13 years after last game, Top Spin 4, was released in the series in March 2011
A preview of TopSpin 2K25. — 2Kgames
A preview of TopSpin 2K25. — 2Kgames

The popular tennis game series Top Spin is going to mark an incredible comeback with the release of TopSpin 2K25.

2K, the developer behind the acclaimed tennis simulation, made the announcement of Top Spin's revival alongside a teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel.

The announcement of the TopSpin 2K25 comes 13 years after the last game, Top Spin 4, was added to the series in March 2011, which was developed by 2K Czech for the following platforms: PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 consoles.

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All the developmental and release-related progression will be led by Hangar 13, a subsidiary studio of 2K and the maker behind 2K's recent Mafia sequels.

“TopSpin 2K25 is the next must-play sports game from 2K that fully immerses fans into the world of tennis,” 2K stated in the trailer description, adding that they will provide information on the release date, game features, and more at a later time.

2K has not announced the platforms for TopSpin 2K25 yet, but it is expected to be available on both current-gen and last-gen consoles. 

TopSpin 2K25 release date

Since the release of the game has not been announced, fans can look forward to the release sometime later this year.

The speculations to expect the release this year are driven by the mention of "2K25" in the title, and 2K's tradition of using release' the following year in the titles, as we witnessed with the release of NBA 2K24 in September last year.

TopSpin 2K25 rivals

Despite the return of the long-awaited Top Spin franchise, there are already several tennis video games in the market. In 2022, Australian developer Big Ant Studios released two tennis games — AO Tennis 2 and Tennis World Tour 2 — both of which were published by Nacon.