Best 43-inch TVs: Finding value in size

Comparing to a 55-inch TV, a 43-inch TV saves over $100
An undated image of flat screen Smart TV — Pexels
An undated image of flat screen Smart TV — Pexels

When choosing a TV, size matters. Smaller spaces like dorms or apartments need smaller TVs. The 43-inch screen offers more value than 32- or 42-inch models. Although slightly pricier, it's worth it for the features and size.

Comparing to a 55-inch TV, a 43-inch saves over $100. It's a good size for a satisfying viewing experience. Not all 43-inch TVs have the latest picture-enhancing features, but OLED TVs are an exception, available in 42-inch sizes.

Here's our list of the best 43-inch TVs

1. TCL 43S455

  1. Affordable
  2. Excellent Roku Smart TV system
  3. Slightly lower image quality and features

2. Vizio V435M-K

  1. Best picture quality among budget TVs
  2. Dolby Vision support
  3. SmartCast platform can be slow

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3. Hisense 43A6H

  1. Premium build quality
  2. Dolby Vision support
  3. Picture quality slightly behind TCL and Vizio

4. Samsung QN43Q60B:

  1. Sleek design
  2. Bright image with solid contrast
  3. More expensive than others

5. Amazon Fire TV 4-Series:

  1. Excellent brightness
  2. Alexa-powered voice remote
  3. Underwhelming picture quality

When choosing a TV, consider factors like price, screen size, and capability. Bigger screens offer better viewing experiences. For midrange models, look for features like full-array local dimming and high refresh rates. High-end TVs with OLED technology provide the best picture quality.