Best camera bags: Sleek, comfortable, breathable and waterproof

Quality camera bags protect your cameras from damage, dust and moisture
An undated image of cameras kept in a camera bag. — Istock
An undated image of cameras kept in a camera bag. — Istock

Ensuring the safety of equipment has always been the top priority for every photographer, videographer, cinematographer, or even a layman with an appetite for taking pictures and capturing moments with high-end cameras.

Expensive and sophisticated cameras are highly sensitive and may be badly impacted with slight damage or if exposed to dust and moisture.

With that in mind, one should never undermine the safety and well-being of his cameras, lenses, and similar gear for the purpose of photography and videography. 

If you happen to be a professional who has a lot to do with cameras and similar equipment, Gad Insider will walk you through some top-class camera bags you can effortlessly find on the market or online.

What to consider in a top-quality camera bag

  • The first thing to check in a camera bag is the fabric or material it is made of.
  • Material such as Nylon is sufficient to make a bag weather-resistant.
  • After that, you must ensure that the bag is tough and durable so the safety of your camera is not compromised.
  • Further, the bag should be sleek, comfortable and breathable for the equipment, particularly when you are residing or on a project in colder regions. If breathability is not paid attention to, then after getting out of the warm comfort of the bag, the camera would dramatically encounter an entirely different temperature (cold weather) that affects the lens.
  • Besides being weatherproof, the bag should also be waterproof too. Bags with a base that prevents water absorption and keeps the camera dry can be easily found these days.
  • Lastly, as not every manufacturer is considerate of excellent chains and zips, you need to buy one that does have quality zips.

Best camera bags

Brevite The Jumper: Made of 600-denier polyester material, this bag is comfortable to carry and has sufficient compartments passing through straps for luggage. It also has roomy side pockets with tripod attachment straps on the base. You can buy it for $170.

Moment Rugged Camera Sling: A perfect bag for photographers who roam the streets. It comes with a modular organisation system and its weatherproof fabric is made of recycled polyester fibre and film. There's a large zippered front pocket while the most exclusive feature is its magnetic clip system. It comes in two sizes, 6 litres ($120) and 10 litres ($130).

Wandrd Prvke Camera Bag V2: Coming in green, blue, black, camo, orange, and tan, the bag is available in 11, 21, 31, or 41-litre capacities that accompany an expandable handy roll top to add five litres of further space. Its 31-litre capacity variant is available for $299.

DISCLAIMER: The prices have been taken as of Nov 02, 2023, and are subject to change over time.