All you need to know about Honda Civic price, specs

Aspects of Honda Civic that beckon top-tier riches to grab it
An undated image of the Honda Civic.   — Honda
An undated image of the Honda Civic. — Honda

When looking for a luxurious car that aligns with one’s expectations and desires, being budget-bound has never been a problem for the upper/elite class residing in Pakistan.

The classy Honda Civic could be a very befitting option to go for, as it is commonly seen and heard that elites in Pakistan are more fond of having a Honda Civic.

The prices of the different variants of the Honda Civic range from Rs 8.6 million to Rs 10.2 million.


  1. Turbo engine option is given in all variants.
  2. Build quality is improved from previous generations.
  3. Impressive length as per its shape.


  1. Overpriced.
  2. Relatively subdued style compared to Civic X.
  3. Only two airbags, even in the top-notch RS variant
  4. Features like Wireless Charging, Parking Sensors and Rear Power Outlets are not satisfactory.

Other specifications


Honda Civic has a quite futuristic interior built for it, while the double meters are provided for some extravagant details regarding engine performance, fuel and mileage details.

It also offers a range of comfortable features to enhance the driving experience. The Standard and Oriel variants are equipped with a 7-inch MP5 touchscreen and four speakers, while the high-end RS variant boasts a larger 9-inch Android-based entertainment system with navigation. Other considerable features include a front USB port, trunk lid lining and a self-opening trunk.


Honda Civic 2023 underscores an attractive grille at the front, connected with stylish daytime-running headlights with an auto-off timer. However, its RS variant offers additional features such as auto headlights, auto headlight adjustment, and auto high beam functionality.


At its best, the fuel economy is experienced to have touched 15 miles per litre while driving on highways as per the customer reviews, whereas it gives around 10 miles per litre in urban traffic.


One has to be very cautious when it comes to the maintenance of the Honda Civic, considering the delicacy in its manufacturing and sophisticated composition. The best one ought to do is to have it checked by a veteran mechanic.


VariantEx-Factory Price
Honda Civic Standard
Rs 8,599,000
Honda Civic Oriel
Rs 8,949,000
Honda Civic RS
Rs 10,199,000