World’s first ‘transflective' display LCD monitor now available

It utilises a complete spectrum of LEDs to mitigate blue light by 60% in contrast to the ordinary LCD panel
An undated image of   Eazeye Radiant LCD monitor. — Indiegogo
An undated image of   Eazeye Radiant LCD monitor. — Indiegogo

Do you often forget to shut down your gaming PC? The Eazeye Radiant is here to help. This new device is the world’s first “Transflective LCD monitor,” a portable 15.6-inch display with a 60Hz refresh rate, set to be available for sale soon.

The Eazeye Radiant features a 10-point touchscreen and uses full-spectrum LEDs to reduce blue light by approximately 60% compared to standard LCD panels, making it ideal for those who suffer from eye strain, especially in low light conditions.

This monitor’s transflective display color filter means it appears brighter in sunlight than an average device, making it versatile for different lighting environments.

According to Louis Huang, the developer of Eazeye Radiant, this monitor is also eco-conscious, using about 70% less power than other monitors.

It's perfect for gaming, as it supports screen mirroring via a mini-HDMI socket with just 5ms of latency, making it compatible with devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.