This is how Vision Pro's 'most sophisticated' demo will look like

Reliable Apple tipster Mark Gurman says Vision Pro demonstration will be 'compelling' rather than 'exhausting'
The image shows a woman wearing an Apple Vision Pro. — Apple
The image shows a woman wearing an Apple Vision Pro. — Apple

Apple is going to conduct in-store demos of its upcoming Vision Pro headsets from Feb 2 through Feb 4 on a first-come, first-served basis.

In an effort to entice and ensure users about the swift and immersive functionality of the headset, Apple will encourage those willing to buy it's top-tier VR headset.

The designated units for the Vision Pro demonstration will also have in abundance Vision Pro-supported, third-party apps set to make their way on the App Store once launched.

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In his Power On newsletter on Monday, trusted Apple source Mark Gurman from Bloomberg mentioned that each demonstration at the WWDC 2023 is expected to run for up to "25 minutes."

During the demo, customers will have the opportunity to explore still photos, panoramas, spatial photos, and spatial videos within the Photos app. Additionally, they'll engage with immersive 3D content, such as movie clips, sports, and a tightrope scene.

During the demo session, a retail employee will scan your face to assess the optimal light seal, foam cushion, and band size for the headset. For those with glasses, they will also scan the lenses for prescription details. Subsequently, another staff member will assemble the headset for the demonstration.

After that, an Apple representative will provide a rundown of the basic aspects of the Vision Pro headset, ranging from the interface functionality to the process for making selections.

According to Gurman, the demo will be "compelling" rather than "exhausting" since it's essentially a sales presentation and not an endurance test.

Vision Pro pre-orders and launch schedule

Starting January 19, Apple will open pre-orders for the Vision Pro, priced at $3,499, in the United States, with the official launch scheduled for February 2.

Vision Pro buying process for a perfect-fit

The buying experience will reportedly be different to the demo, with Apple Store visitors simply having their face scanned so staff can package the ideal parts for the optimum fit. Online shoppers will also be able to scan their face during the purchasing process.