Threads allow users to stop automatic, cross-platform content-sharing

Users can now stop their Threads from being suggested on other Meta-owned platforms
The image shows the logo of Threads displayed on a mobile screen. — Pixabay
The image shows the logo of Threads displayed on a mobile screen. — Pixabay

Meta-owned Threads has allowed its users to decide on the automatic sharing of their posts on other social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Expecting to retain more traction than its direct arch-rival X (formerly Twitter), the developed has made the move in response to the user’s consistent backlash over the automatic content-sharing of threads posted across meta-owned social networking platforms.

Threads in late August opted for displaying a thread of suggested Threads of the users on the timelines of their other Meta-owned apps, which led to millions of Threads users getting enraged, with some even threatening to leave the platform if it kept going.

Demanding to keep apart content of different social apps, some users complained that they were angry because their audiences on Threads varied from those on Facebook and Instagram, who they claimed were real-life acquaintances.

Others were seen attributing their ire to the bad quality of suggested posts, which seemed click baits without context, or something curated solely to drive traffic, Techcrunch reported.

The automatic sharing of posts across its own social platforms was a traditional method employed by Meta that had evidently proved a working catalyst to boost its user base in the past.

However, by taking into consideration users’ feedback, this apt amendment made to its privacy policy indicates that the company is aiming to portray the adoption of a submissive attitude.