Threads upgrades: App now supports intuitive back gestures on Android

Target of the back gesture feature is to improve gesture-based navigation
An undated image of Threads logo. — Unsplash
An undated image of Threads logo. — Unsplash

A Meta-owned social media app, Threads' latest upgrade has featured support for Android’s predictive back gesture, which allows the users to understand from which sight of the interface they have to go back.

After the Android 15 release this year, users know that Android’s predictive back gesture will be allowed by default. Respectively available Android 14 is not that widely common.

Moreover, the target of the back gesture feature is to improve gesture-based navigation by providing a walk-through of the screen the users will return to. As highlighted, many apps presently sport the forthcoming feature. App developers are required to include support utilising the OnBackPressedDispatcher and OnBackPressedCallback classes.

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Google has proper support documents involving the feature to Android apps in Android 13 and more. Meta-owned Threads is the latest app to feature support for the predictive back gesture to enhance the user experience.

In addition, Threads v332. was released over the past few days through the Google Play Store and combines the interface animation. Presently it only works on gadgets running the Android 15 Beta or features the Developers option toggle in Android 13 or greater.

When the users are looking over the posts and content on the Threads, this makes it much more accessible to pick up where users left off. Whereas being connected with Instagram, the photo-sharing app still lacks the predictive back gesture. The feature works efficiently in the latest Android version devices.