TikTok fixes zero-click bug hunting popular accounts

Zero-click bug led to TikTok account of famous American entrepreneur Paris Hilton getting hacked
An undated image of TikTok logo. — Unsplash
An undated image of TikTok logo. — Unsplash

Nowadays, scammers are all around social media and they are hunting multiple hosts in awful ways. 

Recently, they had taken over Cable News Network's (CNN’s) TikTok account and the famous American entrepreneur Paris Hilton’s account was hacked through malware that instantly hacks your account, gets hold of your credentials and other personal information through an unsolicited message or a link. 

TikTok has recently fixed this issue by taking extreme action after a rare cyberattack earlier this week. As previously mentioned, hackers were intentionally sending unsolicited messages and links to some targeted accounts that would infect your account as soon as the message was opened. 

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According to Forbes, Zero-click spyware assaults are the idea behind the attacks, hackers main intention is just to gain the entire information from the hacked account along with all their details such as text messages, call history, additional content and more to use for cheating purposes. 

These malware are less-likely to be used against the average users but often only against the popular names to get some important information or for the purpose of fraud. 

Yet, only two accounts became a prey to this malware, however, more accounts can also become victims to these hackers, the TikTok must have taken some precautionary measures and tightened the security protocol for its own credibility and user’s protection.