Today's Wordle Answer for #972 on Friday, February 16, 2024

In today’s challenge, Wordle developers have added one vowel
A representational image. — Unsplash

A representational image. — Unsplash

Wordle, an acclaimed daily word challenge, has garnered worldwide interest, engaging numerous individuals in a strategic showdown with its five-letter conundrum. Participants employ various tactics, with some strategically selecting words beginning with vowels, while others rely on chance.

Whether experiencing the jaw-dropping near-misses or enjoying the triumph of uncovering the final letter, Wordle offers a daily mental workout and a shared language of deduction and enjoyment.

Feeling stumped by the enigma? Fear not, word aficionados! Take a breather and heed the hints we're offering here to crack those five letters.

Wordle hints

Number of vowels — In today’s Wordle the game developers have added one vowel.

Starting letter — Note that today’s word begins with a consonant (letters that represent certain speech sounds, specifically sounds that involve blocking the air before it leaves the mouth, such as with the tongue, lips, or throat).

Double letters — Wordle does have double letters today.

Meaning of the word — The word refers to a hidden or secret supply of items, often valuable or illicit, stored away for safekeeping or future use.

How to play Wordle?

The guide to play for Wordle is pretty simple. You must attempt to guess a five-letter word by entering any word of equal length. The game will indicate which letters are correctly placed (green), which ones are part of the word but misplaced (yellow), and which ones are not part of the word (grey). Use this feedback to refine your guesses and solve the mystery.


Wordle answer

Today's Wordle Answer for #972 on Friday, February 16, 2024, is — STASH.