Tonal: The smart home gym

Tonal is an all-in-one smart home gym consisting a machine which utilises magnetic weights
An undated image shows a guy working out using Tonal. — Tonal
An undated image shows a guy working out using Tonal. — Tonal

Regardless of aiming to lose or gain weight, regular exercise is imperative to lead a healthy life and keep away from diseases.

Just like you try not to miss out on your three meals a day, in the same fashion, one should never undermine to incorporate a workout session in your routine.

If that doesn’t seem a viable option, you can buy yourself some of the most common equipment to hit a workout session at home.

But that’s what we don’t want you to do, because here comes the Tonal. Ever heard of it?

Let's familiarise you with the greatness of this state-of-the-art smart gym, which overshadows the need to purchase a truckload of equipment to set up a gym in your home.

What’s tonal smart gym?

Tonal is an all-in-one smart home gym created by Silicon Valley engineer Aly Orady. It consists of a machine with a sophisticated design which utilises magnetic weights.

The cable incorporated into the machine is tethered in a way through which it makes it easier to perform hundreds of different kinds of strength training exercises.

Additionally, Tonal also has some fixed bars and rods that enable you to perform bodyweight exercises in a safe and sound manner.

What’s further bundled in this complete home gym entails extras including smart handles, a smart bar, a bar control module, a rope, a bench, a foam roller, and a workout mat.

The most notable of the features is that it offers five dynamic weight modes: Spotter, Burnout, Chains, Eccentric and Smart Flex. These modes make your workout more challenging the way a trainer in the gym does.

The membership of Tonal costs $59.95 per month for unlimited accounts, whereas the minimum membership requirement at the time of purchase is 12 months.

Specs and features of Tonal

Screen24-inch touchscreen
Screen resolution1920 x 1080
21.50″ W x 50.9″ H x 5.25” D
Dual-band 802.11 Wi-Fi
Digital weight max
Live classes
Compatible fitness apps
Strava, Apple Health
Training types
Workout mat, smart handles, smart bar, rope, bench, roller
Max Tension
100 lbs per arm
135 pounds
30-day return policy
Price with smart accessories

Price without smart accessories


DISCLAIMER: The prices have been taken as of Oct 31, 2023, and are subject to change over time.