Top 10 outstanding PC games for windows in 2023

2023 is poised to be remembered as a remarkable period in gaming history
An undated image from Alan Wake 2. — Remedy Entertainment
An undated image from Alan Wake 2. — Remedy Entertainment

2023 is poised to be remembered as a remarkable period in gaming history, with numerous noteworthy releases making it challenging to keep pace. 

The resurgence of the two-decade-old PC franchise, Baldur’s Gate 3, and the emergence of smaller indie titles like Slay the Princess underscore the continued significance of PCs in the gaming landscape.

The selection here includes titles like Slay the Princess, exclusive to computer platforms, as well as games optimised for mouse and keyboard gameplay (such as Baldur’s Gate 3) or those featuring unique PC-exclusive graphics options (like Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty or Alan Wake 2’s ray tracing).

Whether in search of a casual laptop game or a desktop experience that pushes gaming PCs to their limits, this list promises something enjoyable for everyone.

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Best PC games of 2023

  1. Baldur’s Gate 3: Larian Studios successfully brings the expensive world of Dungeons & Dragons to life, offering players immense freedom and an approachable experience.
  2. Alan Wake 2: Blending survival horror with a police procedural, the game introduces live-action elements seamlessly, with enhanced audiovisuals and support for the latest ray-tracing technologies on PC.
  3. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — An expansion that adds depth to the core game, featuring a substantial side quest with stellar performances and support for advanced graphical features.
  4. Dave the Diver: A unique blend of genres, combining roguelike spearfishing exploration with a Diner Dash-style time management experience, featuring charming art and character designs.
  5. Chants of Sennaar: A game centred around language and culture, where players explore a tower, learn different languages, and delve into the intricacies of various cultures, drawing inspiration from previous games in the genre.
  6. Viewfinder: A trippy, forced-perspective puzzle game offering a mind-bending experience with a simple yet progressively challenging premise involving a Polaroid camera and environmental transformations.
  7. Slay the Princess: A visual novel that subverts traditional gaming tropes by tasking players with slaying a princess, featuring multiple paths, consequences for decisions, and a mysterious narrative.
  8. System Shock: The remake of the classic survival horror game delivers a faithful yet modernised experience, capturing the essence of the original with revamped controls and contemporary graphics, exclusive to PC.
  9. World of Horror: Inspired by manga legend Junji Ito, this roleplaying game explores Ito themes and Japanese urban legends, providing a compelling blend of worldbuilding and semi-random gameplay elements.
  10. Cocoon: A puzzle game reminiscent of Portal 2, offering a smart and satisfying experience with a minimalist control scheme and gradually unfolding layers of complexity, showcasing the ingenuity of ex-Limbo and Inside director Jeppe Carlsen.