Top 5 AI video generators tested and compared

Best AI video generators are capable of creating high-resolution clips with clear visuals
An undated image of a video edit in process. — FinalFrame/YouTube
An undated image of a video edit in process. — FinalFrame/YouTube

The world of video creation after the emergence of AI technology has undergone several significant transformations in the past year. The innovation of creating videos using AI technology enables the users to create high-quality videos from text prompts, with unimaginable realism and motion quality.

The best AI video generators are capable of creating high-resolution clips with clear visuals, offering a quick generation times, and providing an additional features like inpainting, clip extensions, and upscaling capabilities.

Top five AI video generators tested and compared

AI platformsCredits with free plan
Cost of cheapest paid plan
Credits with cheap basic plan
Luma Labs
Pika Labs
250 total
125 total

Dream Machine AI model

Dream Machine, Luma Labs' Genie model that stands out perfectly for its impressive ability to follow prompts and generate videos showcasing a realistic approach. It offers 30 free video generations per month for the users, with paid plans starting at $30 for 120 creations.

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 Other notable AI video generators including OpenAI's Sora, Haiper, and StabilityAI's Stable Video 2 also offers the users effective video creation process, making it more accessible for users.

Reasons to buy

  • Realistic video generation
  • Accurate motion
  • Five-second initial video
  • Clip extension
  • Image and text to video
  • Prompt enhancement

Reasons to avoid 

  • Expensive starter plan
  • Minimal additional features
  • Daily generation limit
  • Long waiting times

Pika Labs AI model 

Pika Labs' is also known to be one of the best AI video-generating platform, that is capable to generate three-second clips, upscale videos, sound effects and lip sync services to the users in a more realistic way than ever.

Reasons to buy

  • Good value premium plan
  • Free upscale
  • Generous starter credits
  • Good image to video
  • AI sound effect creation
  • Wide range of features
  • Good community

Reasons to avoid 

  • Issues with motion
  • Lower-quality text-to-video
  • No monthly top-ups on a free plan
  • Warping and distortion
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Runway AI video generator

Runway's AI video generator offers a high-quality video creation from text prompts. With its advanced technology, Runway uses a user-friendly interface that the production of realistic and engaging videos that meet professional standards.

Reasons to buy

  • Head movement with lip-sync
  • Motion Brush to paint what you want to animate
  • Solid Discord community
  • Extensions up to 16 seconds
  • Extensions up to 16 seconds

Reasons to avoid 

  • Warping and distortion in video
  • No monthly top-ups on a free plan
  • Issues with motion

Haiper AI video generator

Haiper's AI video generator is a powerful tool for creating videos with its advanced motion control and realistic graphics. Haiper's videos are almost indistinguishable from real-life footage. Its flexible pricing plans and additional features like inpainting make it a top choice for professionals.

Reasons to buy

  • Impressive prompt adherence
  • Motion prediction from the model
  • Realistic video
  • Range of styles and features

Reasons to avoid 

  • Limited to short clips
  • Minimal features on free plan
  • Watermark free only on most expensive plan
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FinalFrame AI video generator

FinalFrame's AI video generator is a platform that produces high-resolution videos with impressive realism and motion quality. With its intuitive interface and quick generation times, FinalFrame is ideal for creatives and businesses alike.

Reasons to buy

  • Regular feature updates
  • Impressive lip-sync
  • Timeline view
  • Image generation

Reasons to avoid 

  • Warping and distortion
  • Lower quality
  • Limited motion