Top 5 effortless earning apps for 2024

You can even use multiple apps simultaneously to maximise your earnings
A representational image. — Canva
A representational image. — Canva

In today's fast-paced world, people are always seeking new ways to supplement their income. Enter passive income apps – the ultimate solution for effortless earnings. Explore these apps, recommended by TechEngage, that offer a consistent flow of profits with minimal effort required on your part.

Easy earning apps

Current/Mode: Earn points by listening to expertly curated radio stations and exchange them for gift cards, tangible products, or cash via PayPal.

Google Opinion Rewards: Share your insights through surveys and earn credits to spend on the Play Store for music, apps, movies, and more.

Honeygain: Earn passive income by selling your unused internet bandwidth. Simply set up the app and let it run in the background while you use your devices.

Dosh: Link your debit or credit card to the app and effortlessly earn cashback on purchases from partner retailers, making passive income a breeze.

Acorns: Turn your spare change into investments with this micro-investing app. It automatically invests rounded-up purchases in a diverse portfolio, generating passive income over time.

Choose the app that best suits your preferences and financial goals. You can even use multiple apps simultaneously to maximise your earnings.