Top 5 features of Gmail you should know

Since its release date, Gmail has been the most utilised, efficient, versatile and free mailing platform globally
An undated image displays the Gmail app open on a mobile screen. — Canva
An undated image displays the Gmail app open on a mobile screen. — Canva

Being a subsidiary product of the leading technology company, and a US-based search engine giant, Google, Gmail has been the most used and reliable mailing platform across the globe.

Since its release in 2004 to the date, it has been allowing users to exchange an unlimited number of end-to-end encrypted emails every day at no cost.

While also being a web-based facility, its software application is available for every sort of operating system, such as Android, iOS, and Mac.

All that is required to take full advantage of Gmail is the same Google account you've been using as your PlayStore ID. So there's no need to create a separate account for this purpose.

You may already know that Gmail allows you to send, receive, and save emails in separately and neatly arranged tabs, but there are still some hidden, out-of-the-box features resting inside this greatest mailing platform.

Below is the list of those exclusive features you can unlock and effortlessly benefit from.

Best and hidden features of Gmail

Note: In order to avail these features on its application, you first need to update your Gmail app to the latest version. Meanwhile, there's no need to do so if you're using the web version of it.
  1. Protection of confidential and sensitive emails
  2. Hover-based email organisation
  3. Snooze emails
  4. Suggested replies
  5. Nudges

Protection of confidential and sensitive emails

  • Turning on this feature called “Confidential mode,” lets you protect your sensitive emails, in particular those with some documents attached. While composing a new email, just click on the lock-and-clock icon at the bottom, and your email will be protected.

Hover-based email organisation

  • With this feature enabled, a queue of icons appears on each email when hovered over.
  • You might already be familiar with these icons as they represent Archive, Delete, Mark As (Read/Unread, depending on the current status of the email), and Snoozing status of the email.
  • This feature replaces the need to underscore every email separately and manually take these actions.

Snoozing emails

  • Once it's enabled Snooze, you’ll be able to delay your receipt of the email until your decided time.
  • The app will suggest some dates and times to you, or you can pick your own choice too.

Suggested replies

  • If you often run out of words or get confused about how to respond to an email, then this feature is for you as it hurls brief clips of text to respond with, prompting a quick response to the email.


  • If you less often check your emails or often forget to reply to an important one, this feature makes Google algorithms think that the email warrants a response.
  • As a result, you will see it coming to the top of your inbox along with a brief reminder to reply or follow up to the email.