Top AI tools you need to run your youtube channel

Now, a single individual, together with AI tools, can run a successful YouTube channel
The illustration shows a womans face with an artistic background. — Pixabay
The illustration shows a woman's face with an artistic background. — Pixabay

The invasion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our lives has seen unprecedented growth with cutting-edge innovations. The landscape changed remarkably with the rise of ChatGPT last year, revolutionising how AI impacts almost every facet of the internet and our daily routines. If you're a content creator on YouTube or contemplating diving into the YouTube career pool like many this year, this little guide is your must-have blueprint.

AI tools for YouTube channel

Embarking on the journey of starting and maintaining a thriving YouTube channel requires tools that streamline the content creation process. Fortunately, several remarkable AI tools step up to the plate, offering assistance in scriptwriting, thumbnail creation, video editing, and beyond, effectively simplifying the YouTube content creation pipeline. Content creation is not like the old days anymore. Now, a single individual or a team of two, together with AI tools, can run a successful channel.

Your channel's identity

Looka, an advanced AI logo design tool, stands ready to assist in branding your YouTube channel with a unique and professional logo. Seamlessly generating customised logos based on your channel's name, industry, style, and preferred colours, Looka helps you carve out an enticing visual identity for your channel.

When it comes to scripting your video content, ChatGPT emerges as a game-changer. This versatile AI tool not only aids in generating scripts but also crafts compelling video descriptions. Exploring popular ChatGPT extensions enhances the spectrum of tasks it can handle.

Script to visuals

Pictory AI steps in to effortlessly convert written scripts into engaging video content. Facilitating video editing, voiceovers, and seamless integration of music, Pictory AI efficiently transforms your textual scripts into captivating visual narratives.

InVideo, another AI-powered video editing tool, offers a robust suite of features to enhance offline-shot videos. Whether creating intros, outros, or slideshows, InVideo simplifies the editing process, making video customisation effortless for users of all levels.

Sound and aesthetics

Music, a vital component of engaging videos, gains a fresh perspective with SOUNDRAW. This tool generates original music tailored to your desired duration, tempo, and mood, elevating the auditory experience of your videos.


Thumbnail creation, an art in itself, finds an AI ally in Simplified. Leveraging AI capabilities, Simplified crafts attractive and stylish thumbnails, augmenting the visual appeal of your videos.

Analytics and accessibility

vidIQ emerges as an essential tool for understanding channel performance. Providing insights into keywords, video visibility, and growth strategies, vidIQ aids in optimising video content and channel growth.