Top Android features to improve user experience

Share hotspots while switching between devices for video calls
An undated image of  a smartphone. — Freepik
An undated image of a smartphone. — Freepik

Are you an Android user? If yes, then Gadinsider is here with the top, recently rolled out Android features to enhance your everyday experience. 

Edit sent messages 

This newly introduced feature will surely improve your user experience, this would help you to correct your mistakes in a message after they are sent. So, just click on the sent RCS message, edit it and send it again within 15 minutes, otherwise it won’t be possible to edit it. 

Share hotspots with devices 

In Android phones, you can now connect your Android tablet or any other device with your phone hotspot with just a single tap, without any overstatement. Sometimes, if users want to switch devices during a call, they can seamlessly connect as well. 

New emoji kitchen combos 

Another intriguing feature has been recently launched to make your chatting experience more interesting by remixing your favourite emoji such as the headphones as well as the disco ball. 

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Control Google Home devices from home screen 

This feature would allow you to control your Google Home devices directly from your home screen, and perform your desired functions such as turning off lights just within a single tap, etc. 

Manage smart devices with Wear OS 

Now, users can control smart home devices with just a single tap, and easily change their home temperature while they are out of their home, so when they reach home they will be at peace, just with in a single click over their wrist by customising your Wear OS smartwatch. 

Make payment from Google Wallet 

Wear OS smartwatch offers several reliable and secure payment transfer methods with PayPal on Google Wallet. Make secure payments with just a single click on your wrist and pay your bills instantly.