Top apps to share location with friends and family

By utilising these friend-finding apps, you can effortlessly coordinate plans with your friends and keep track of each other's locations
A representational image. — Freepik
A representational image. — Freepik

For the sake of safety or just being efficient instead of constantly texting friends back and forth asking, "Where are you?" when you have to meet, live location apps allow you to keep tabs on each other easily. The following list is of the best iOS and Android apps that will assist any individual to locate their loved ones.

Initially, the idea of being tracked at all times might seem unsettling. However, using these apps can also have practical benefits. For instance, if your loved one frequently travels for work and you both like to check in on each other's progress, these apps provide a quick and easy way to ensure their well-being. 

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Additionally, if you want to know how close your friend is to the restaurant where you're meeting, you can use these apps instead of sending constant text messages. Most importantly, teenagers can share locations with parents for safety.

Location sharing apps

1) My Location

My Location is a user-friendly Android app that provides straightforward functionality. With a map-based interface, you can easily locate your friends and vice versa. The app even allows you to view their exact latitude and longitude, along with their precise address for easy locating.

My Location caters to users of all skill levels and offers directions for walking, cycling, or driving to new destinations.

2) Life360

Life360 is an app available for both iOS and Android, with a primary focus on ensuring the safety of families. By creating groups called "Circles", you can view the real-time location of Circle Members on a private family map. You'll receive real-time alerts when any member arrives at or leaves a destination.

Additionally, Life360 serves as a phone tracker, allowing you to locate your phone if it's lost or stolen. The app operates on a subscription-based model and offers a range of features.

3) Google Maps

Google Maps is an essential app that most people already have on their devices. Apart from providing real-time updates and navigation assistance for your own journeys, it can also help you locate others. By activating the feature within your Google account, you can easily share your location with others, regardless of whether they are using iOS or Android.

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You can also share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) along the way. This convenient feature is available in an app that is likely already installed on your phone.

4) Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a built-in iOS app that offers a simple and effective way to share your location. Setting it up takes just a few seconds. You can share your location by selecting contacts, entering email or phone numbers, or using AirDrop.

Once shared, your friends can immediately start following your location, and they can reciprocate by sharing their details with you. The app allows you to easily hide your location for moments when privacy is important.

You can also set up location-based alerts, which will notify you automatically when your child leaves school or a loved one arrives home safely. Find My Friends works seamlessly across all your iOS devices, including Apple Watch and iPad.

5) Familonet

As the name suggests, Familonet focuses on monitoring family members but can be used with anyone you wish. Along with the obligatory real-time location tracking on a map, the app provides automatic push notifications when your loved ones are on the move.

It also includes an integrated panic button for critical moments, allowing for location sharing. The app enables private chats during the journey and allows the creation of multiple groups. You can even share location-tagged photos with family members, effectively turning it into a secure messaging service.