Top cheap security cameras

These cheap security cameras offer more than just live-streaming
The image shows a white CCTV camera.
The image shows a white CCTV camera. 

In the present era, keeping a vigilant watch over your home, family, and pets has become remarkably convenient, all credit to the extensive accessibility of contemporary, interconnected home security cameras. These streamlined gadgets have become a familiar presence, granting you the capability to oversee your environment from almost any location, all while remaining cost-effective.

However, these cheap security cameras offer more than just live-streaming. Brimming with intelligent features, they can capture video when detecting motion or sounds, recognise familiar faces, and even notify you of strangers' presence or deliveries to your doorstep.

With a multitude of products available and security cameras becoming increasingly popular, choosing the right and cheap security camera can be daunting. That's where we come in.

Top indoor home cheap security cameras for 2023

1. Blink Mini: Best cheap security camera

Most of Amazon-owned Blink's security cameras are built for outdoor use, but the Blink Mini takes a different approach. This small, lightweight, and cost-effective security camera may be budget-friendly, but it doesn't compromise performance.

It consists of all the essential features you'd expect: recording in 1080p at 30fps (better than most budget cameras), night vision, adjustable motion detection zones, and two-way audio for remote communication. The cloud storage service for video clips won't break the bank, starting from US$34.99.

The camera delivers impressive image quality, day and night, with clear audio. Setting it up is a breeze, and it seamlessly integrates with screen-based Echo devices, allowing you to access the camera's video feed with a simple voice command.

2. Yi Home Camera 1080p: Best affordable indoor security camera with AI features

Our favourite budget indoor security camera, the Yi Home Camera 1080p, has received an update that adds artificial intelligence capabilities, including human detection. This means you can configure the camera to notify you only when it detects a human presence, filtering out other motion events like your nonchalant cat's meandering.

The rest of the package remains solid. The camera, though basic, offers decent image quality, night vision, and baby crying detection for those using it as a baby monitor. It also includes two-way audio for remote communication. While cloud video clip storage isn't entirely free (the first month is complimentary, but you'll need to subscribe afterwards), the camera features a microSD card slot for local clip storage and easy access.

The Yi Home Camera 1080p may be basic, but it's an excellent choice for those seeking a cheap security camera with a price of  ‎US$22.99 without compromising quality.