Total Solar Eclipse 2024: Best locations to witness the spectacle on Google TV

In this year's solar eclipse, moon will go in front of the sun and cover it entirely
A representational image of solar eclipse. — Pexels
A representational image of solar eclipse. — Pexels

This is the first ever stance in the history of celestial spectacles that a solar eclipse has captured the sight of entire world, compelling millions of people around the world to find the best stops to witness the splendour of the impending celestial interplay between the sun and the moon. 

What sets this solar eclipse apart from those happened in the past is that the moon will go in front of the sun and cover the entire sun from being spotted, not letting even a sunray to be seen, hence, prompting astronomy experts terming it as Total Solar Eclipse. 

Since this event will occur in the skies of select countries, the rest of the world is left mulling over workarounds to have the Total Solar Eclipse 2024 in sight. 

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How to watch Total Solar Eclipse 2024 on Google TV

If moving to a good spot isn't your type of thing, then be with all ears as Google TV is going to stream the best views of the total solar eclipse from various channels. 

Google TV's prowess is that with the current version, it enables you to live broadcast through its OS' native section, eliminating the need to install an additional third-party app. 

The Google subsidiary smart streaming platform recently announced to provide comprehensive coverage of this year's solar eclipse in North America. As per what the company announced, these live broadcasts will be available in Google TV for free April 8 (tomorrow). 

Channels to watch solar eclipse 2024 on Google TV 

Listed below are the channels Google TV will grant access to:

  • NBC News Now
  • Scripps News
  • Reuters Now
  • NBC Dallas Fort Worth
  • NBC Washington DC
  • NBC San Diego
  • NBC Los Angeles
  • NBC Philadelphia
  • NBC New York
  • NBC Connecticut
  • NBC South Florida
  • NBC Boston
  • NBC Bay Area
  • NBC Chicago
  • AccuWeather NOW

Each of these channels can be tuned in from the For You tab in Google TV, and using the custom cards within them, users can switch channels to have the best possible view as the moon's shadow will travel across the region.