Touchscreen MacBook Air: When will Apple release it?

Tom Boger says there's no competition between M4 iPad Pro a MacBook as per company's own views
An undated image showing a person using iPad Pro. — Pexels
An undated image showing a person using iPad Pro. — Pexels

Right after being showcased during Apple's Let Loose event last week, the new iPad Pro has caused a wave of comparisons claims that hold it in high regards.

Equipped with Apple's new M4 chip, having OLED display to deliver mesmerising visuals while running on iPadOS, the latest iPad Pro 2024 competes and smoothly overtakes a range of costly tablets designed with sophisticated and unmatched capabilities in mind.

With reports swirling around the newly launched M4 iPad Pro, they're also underscoring the probability of the arrival of a touchscreen MacBook Air.

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But the question is how much more we'll have to hold back the euphoria as to blow it out on the actual release of the rumoured touch screen MacBook Air. 

iPad Pro 2024 vs MacBook 

During an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Tom Boger, Apple marketing executive, spoke about how tall does iPad stand against a Mac as well as shed light on when and if Apple ever roll out a touchscreen Mac.

While drawing lines between the capabilities of both the gadgets, he said that there's no competition between them as per company's own views, as iPad serves as a “touch-first device” while the Mac is for “indirect manipulation.” These remarks make one ponder over if Apple will ever release a touchscreen Mac.

M4 MacBook Pro: Does it even exists?

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg correspondent who extensively covers happenings around Apple products, earlier claimed that the iPhone maker is actively indulged in the development of a touchscreen Mac, with a leak suggesting it to come out in 2025.

Being in the inspection phase, the updated iteration of the MacBook Pro keeps a “traditional laptop design” intact which ensures the presence of a standard trackpad and keyboard.