Nightshade Corolla 2024: Toyota's accented appeal

Toyota seems to compete with its rivals with the launch of the Nightshade Corolla 2024
An undated image of Toyotas upcoming Nightshade Corolla 2024. — Toyota
An undated image of Toyota's upcoming Nightshade Corolla 2024. — Toyota

Toyota Corolla in a curtained revelation indicated to be launching its 2024 model with a little uncertainty over what unique features will be there.

As per the announcements made by the manufacturer, this model will soon be out and hopefully reach the showrooms nearly in the fall of this year.

The car would predictably offer more swift driving exposure in comparison with the company’s preceding models.

The vehicle boasts a comprehensive package full of safety features and a hybrid powertrain, as the company seems to be taking no risk in providing complete, much-needed, safety-oriented functionalities with all of its old variants.

The model is expected to be sold with a starting price of around $23,000.


The Corolla 2024 shares some assimilation with its twinned Honda Civic in terms of the dashboard and soft-touch materials like a cup holder and an armrest. The vehicle gives a vibrantly lit ambience, heated front seats and dual climate control. However, among the downsides that come along is the restrained legroom for the backseat when the front seats stretch back. Last, but not least, there is also a useful bin below the armrest which is less often provided by the competing rivals.


The overall exterior look is pretty much the same as those of old Corolla models, yet this time the company seems eager to go dark with the colours being offered as it's only available in Silver Black and Blue. Along with that, the latest model also introduced this variant’s nightshade edition which accompanies a black roof and a vented sport wing.

Engine performance

The beast is powered by a 169 horsepower (hp) 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. What may also be considered as a drawback is that with some hard acceleration, it turns it's roaring into a little coarse engine sound, indicating that the best engines cannot offer the demanded, soothing sound when speeding. The Corolla 2024 also separates itself with a stiffer sport-tuned suspension and its larger 18-inch wheels.


The mileage usually depends upon the kind of engine, transmission and model chosen, however, Corolla 2024 currently offers fuel consumption from 3.9-6 litre per 100km.