Toyota suspends shipments as testing irregularities come to light

Toyota says 10 models, including the Hiace van, Fortuner SUV, and LXD SUV, use the affected engine globally
An undated image of the Toyota logo. — Pixabay
An undated image of the Toyota logo. — Pixabay

Following complaints regarding certification tests for diesel engines developed by affiliate Toyota Industries, Toyota Motors has decided to suspend shipments of some models including Hilux truck and Land Cruiser 300 SUV.

According to Reuters, the irregularities were detected by a special investigative committee during horsepower output testing for the certification of three diesel engine models.

Toyota — the world's biggest automaker by sales — said that around 10 models, including the Hiace van, Fortuner SUV, Innova multi-purpose vehicle and Lexus-branded LXD SUV, use the affected engine globally.

Addressing a press conference, Toyota Industries President Koichi Ito said: "There was a lack of communication with Toyota Motor and insufficient coordination about testing processes and procedures that should have been followed."

It should be noted that the automaker has been separately seeking to resolve a case of misconduct related to rigged collision safety tests at small car specialist Daihatsu.

The company said it sought to explain the matter to authorities thoroughly and would take measures such as running new engine certification tests in the presence of regulators as needed.

Toyota Industries said during the financial year to March 31, 2023 it sold about 84,000 affected automobile diesel engines.

Koji Sato, CEO of Toyota, told reporters later on Monday that the company used 36,000 affected engine models worldwide each month, which equals 432,000 units a year.

A Toyota spokesperson could not immediately say how many affected vehicles the automaker had sold over the years.