Turtle Beach Stealth 500 & Stealth 600 Gen 3 gaming headsets specs

Turtle Beach launches two wireless headsets
An undated image of  Turtle Beach Stealth 500 & Stealth 600 Gen 3. — X.com
An undated image of  Turtle Beach Stealth 500 & Stealth 600 Gen 3. — X.com

Turtle Beach has recently introduced Stealth 500 and 600 gaming headsets and people are desperately waiting to know more about its specifications. 

Let's take a look at its features which will help you decide whether to wish to buy them or not. 

Turtle Beach Stealth 500 — gaming wirelessly on a dime

Many manufacturers have now started to include player plugs in their headsets via controller’s 3.5mm jack which is not completely ‘Wireless’ because of the console's wireless proprietary protocol. The bluetooth mode is a bit tricky but you just have to switch over to the bluetooth mode then device.

Then, the transmitter will let you walk far away along with a headset so you can roam anywhere, wherever you want to.

Stealth 600 Gen 3 — all-in-one kit

Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 Gen 3 is the next step in the Stealth line of handsets, it has come up with a big box compared to Stealth 500 and its packaging to stand using a cushion over the top of the headset on every side which can easily be adjusted over several levels. However, Steatlth 600 has become difficult for some individuals to manage, unlike 500.

So, if you want to buy Stealth 600 then you have to pay $20 extra than Shealth 500. But, it's certainly a better choice than the Shealth 500 because of its outstanding specs.

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Turtle Beach’s swarm II software & swarming along with features

Swarm II is not only required for software updates but to allow presets, create your own and all-in-all act as an associate app to your headset. Also, if the connectivity mode is powered on then you would certainly never struggle with the connectivity related issues.

All you have to do is just to click on ‘Updates’ and wait. Even with the headset connected to the PC via USB-C and the transmitter plugged in, clicking 'Update' will have no effect. But usually users finally decided to use the mobile app instead because they are a bit worried about the faulty updating procedure.

Turtle Beach improved the Swarm II programme after that with the release of version.19. Furthermore, it consists of multiple other features as well such as Waves 3D, high-bandwidth audio support, etc. It also supports the ‘Superhuman hearing’ feature which lets you to focus on footsteps in the game.