Amazon set to redo Twitch safety council

The company will terminate older staff, recruiting members from its ambassadorial programme instead
A representation of the Twitch Logo. — Freepik/file
A representation of the Twitch Logo. — Freepik/file

Amazon is set to refresh an advisory council it set up for its live-streaming service Twitch in 2020.

The nine-member council was set to “enhance on Twitch’s approach to issues of trust and safety”, advising on product and policy changes while focusing on harassment and marginalised groups.

The company hoped to benefit from this collaboration between its streamers, moderators and some outside safety experts.

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This followed a harrowing incident where the streaming service was misused to livestream a shooting in Germany in October of 2019.

Now, with this brand-new initiative, the company intends to replace its old staff with members of its roughly 180-strong “Twitch ambassadorial program”. These are people from among the Twitch community whom the site considers, "positive contributors”.

Previously, this group was exclusively made up of online safety experts and anti-bullying advocates. However, it now boasts a wider array of people.

A company spokesperson privy to the matter talked of shared diversity, stating “after working with many of the same core members for several years, we have brought in new council members to offer fresh, diverse perspectives,”

As reported by Reuters, the contracts of previous members will be terminated by May 31st, with immediate effect.