Twitch streamer beats Super Mario 64 without hitting A button once in 86 hours

The player accomplishes this feat without remapping anything while counting on meticulous use of game's mechanics and glitches
An undated image of Super Mario on a handheld gaming console. — Pexels
An undated image of Super Mario on a handheld gaming console. — Pexels

Marking a never-imagine, historical milestone in the realm of Console gaming, a Twitch streamer has beaten the Super Mario 64 without pressing the A button even once, a remarkable feat that was earlier believed impossible to attain.

To let you have some idea of how impeccable grasp the player must be holding over the skillset needed for Super Mario 64, let me mention that the A button in the game is used to jump, one of the platformer's most crucial and fundamental input without which many find it difficult to play the game.

Named Marbler, the player accomplished this feat without remapping anything, instead, he counted on the meticulous use of game's mechanics, glitches and exploits uncovered since Super Mario 64's release in 1996. 

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The Super Mario 64 A Button Challenge (ABC for short) has always proved to be a breathtaking challenge to complete since early 2000s.

Super Mario freaks have been exercising all their prowess in the game to beat the challenge using A button as little as possible but remained futile. However, Marbler succeeded in bringing this feat about in 86 hours without committing any remapping on the Wii Virtual Console version of the game, probably the only version where it's possible to do this.

Marbler has once again beaten the Super Mario 64 eight months ago, but, by using the A button twice, after which he claimed that one A could have been dodged had he been playing the Wii Virtual Console version. 

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Scale The Mountain Mario 64

Start at the bottom and run past Goombas, then Long Jump over two gaps. Ignore the mushrooms and follow the path around them. Pass Monty Moles and Bob-Ombs, avoid the Chuckya, cross the bridge, and reach the next section with Ukiki and Fly Guy. Use the log or Fly Guy to reach the ledge. Avoid iron balls on the hill, Long Jump the gap by the waterfall, and quickly move past the Fwoosh. Ignore the purple switch, cross the thin ledge by the waterfall, and climb the final slope to reach the star at the summit.

When was Super Mario 64 released

Super Mario 64 was released in 1996.